Rescue Teams

Every year, hundreds of industry workers are injured and sometimes killed due to the lack of Confined Space Entry programs or assistance with qualified Confined Space Rescue Teams.

Stand-By Rescue Teams

QualSafe has an elite group of rescue experts who perform our
confined space stand-by rescue services listed below:

  • Pre-planning which includes evaluating the confined space and the rescue scenario plan;
  • Drafting a rescue plan;
  • Issuing permits; Air monitoring;
  • Descent, retrieval, ascent and traversing rope systems for access to elevated platforms and other difficult locations
  • Rescue standby systems with built-in redundancy, appropriate fall prevention and retrieval systems, assuring the use of safe and compliant techniques
  • Customized lowering and raising systems to facilitate easy access by essential personnel without basic rope handling skills.

All of our Lead Rescue Personnel are
Trained in the following
· Rope Rescue Technician
· NIMS: Incident Command
· Technical Rescue
· Confined Space Rescue Technician
· First Aid/CPR/AED/ Heart Attack and Stroke
· Incident Command for Structural Collapse Incidents
· Swift Water/ Flood Rescue
· Hazardous Material Awareness/ Operations
· Boat Rescue Operations
· LP Gas Emergencies
· Search and Rescue Rapid Response
· Trench Rescue Technician

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 855-699-SAFE
or email us at: info@localhost:8888/qualsafe