Gas Detection Monitors

At QualSafe, we strive to provide the highest quality products for our customers while saving them time and money. We offer a wide variety of safety equipment at an affordable price. We stock a large amount of merchandise that’s ready for pickup or delivery, including gas monitoring equipment.

To properly evaluate and address the specific needs of your company when it comes to confined space entry and other required gas monitoring activities, we provide several options for gas monitor purchase or rental.  We offer BW Honeywell monitors, MSA, and more.  We offer single-gas monitors, 4-gas monitors, 5-gas monitors, photoionization detectors (PIDs), and other gas monitoring equipment.

Types of Gas Detection Monitors

4-gas monitors detect oxygen level, carbon monoxide level, hydrogen sulfide level, and Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).  5-gas monitors detect the same elements as 4-gas monitors with the addition of one other gas. The 5th gas detected by the monitor can be customized to meet the needs of your environment.

Single-gas monitors, depending on your specific need, can be set up to monitor oxygen content, hydrogen sulfide concentration, carbon monoxide concentration, or other contaminants as needed. Single-gas monitors are generally used as personal monitors to be worn by employees while in the work environment, particularly in confined space entry operations.

According to OSHA, direct-reading instruments are valuable tools for detecting and measuring worker exposure to gases, vapors, aerosols, and fine particulates suspended in the air. These instruments permit real-time or near real-time measurements and their use is specifically required by some OSHA standards. There are many types of instruments available, each of which is designed for a specific monitoring purpose. Proper operation of direct-reading instruments is essential to ensuring that accurate information is obtained when evaluating air contaminants.

Through our equipment sales department, QualSafe offers specific solutions for your gas monitoring needs. These include, but are not limited to:

  • the latest technology from high quality manufacturers
  • equipment calibration and vendor certified gas monitor service & maintenance
  • general training and consulting on proper monitor use and technical issues

If you are in need of gas detection equipment (gas monitors) that meet all OSHA standards and requirements, our trusted industry professionals will be able to find the right fit for your company’s needs. Direct-reading instruments are required by specific standards for the shipyard employment, and the construction industries. At QualSafe, we understand that every company is different. Our team takes into account the unique requirements of your project, budget, company and industry when advising on which devices will best fit your company’s needs.

Innovation is Key

In addition to understanding the diversity of each company, we also recognize that technology is always changing. QualSafe technicians stay abreast of latest equipment and technology in regard to gas monitoring equipment.  We stand ready to consult with your company on gas monitoring equipment and service as well as the specific benefits related to the use of gas monitors and related equipment.

If you have any questions about whether your company needs a Gas Detection Monitor or are unsure of which device is best for your project, call the QualSafe team today!  We look forward to working with you to determine your gas detection needs, and providing you with the best possible solutions.