Rope Rescue Services

QualSafe Solution’s rescue teams are highly trained and skilled in all aspects of confined space rescue. This includes rope rescue, high-angle rescue, knot tying and specialty equipment related to rope rescue.

Rope rescue can be critical and required when conventional non-entry rescue protocols will not yield the successful rescue of the injured or unconscious victim. Some of the training and skills that our rescue team members are regularly subjected to are, but are not necessarily limited to include:

  • Expert Knot Tying – No matter what type of rope rescue it may be, having a professional who knows how to tie and apply knots the correct way can be not only time saving, but lifesaving as well. Our teams are trained to provide the safest means of rescue, dependent on the particular situation.  In certain situations, knot tying expertise can dictate how long it will take to successfully perform a rescue.
  • CPR/AED – The rescue teams at QualSafe is First-Aid/CPR/AED certified. Having a team who is First Aid/CPR/AED certified on-site during your project can play an important role in the overall safety of your workers. If you take into account the amount of time it could take for a first responder to arrive versus having a rescue team that’s already evaluated the site, developed a plan, and is ready to respond to an emergency within seconds, it can easily be the difference between life and death for the individual in need of rescue.
  • Rope Retrieval/Mechanical Advantage – Our on-site rescue teams are equipped with Tripods, Wenches, Davit Arms, and other equipment that should lessen the possibility of having to enter a confined space that is or is suspected to be IDLH. Our on-site rescue teams are prepared with top of the line rope rescue equipment and rescue vehicles. This gives us rapid response ability should an emergency occur.
  • Rescue Pre-Plan – To remain OSHA compliant, companies must provide a rescue team access to all confined spaces on the work site, prior to entry. At QualSafe, we take this opportunity to develop appropriate rescue plans and perform practice rescues as required or needed, to ensure that we’re ready and verified.  Our goal is to make absolutely sure that we have the right safety / rescue solutions identified and planned should an emergency arise.

Let QualSafe Solutions’ professional rescue teams be there for your workers safety during your next confined space entry project. Contact us today!