Face Shields

Keeping your employees safe while on the job is the top priority at QualSafe Solutions. That is why we carry a full-line of eye and face protection products, including face shields.

A number of industrial tasks not only require eye protection, but face protection (face shields) as well. For example, face shields are often required when grinding, welding, drilling, handling chemicals, working near extremely hot processes, etc. Heat-reflective and wire-screen face shields are designed and intended to shield the entire face from a range of heat and impact hazards. Specific hazards associated with heat include high temperatures, splash from molten metal, and hot sparks, flying debris, etc.

Face shields are always considered secondary protectors to be used in addition to primary protection such as safety glasses or goggles. Face shield windows are made with different transparent materials and in varying degrees of thickness. The thickness of the face shield window should be matched to the task.

Window and headgear devices come in various styles to afford protection in a variety of work environments. There are a wide range of materials used in face-shield products, including but not limited to the following:

  • Polycarbonate  provides good impact and heat resistance, but does not provide a high degree of protection from certain chemicals.
  • Propionate – is ideal for protection against chemical splashes, but generally does not meet impact requirements. Some propionate face shields do meet the impact requirements of ANSI Z87+, but care must be taken in the selection process.
  • Mesh – is sometimes used in work environments where a lot of ventilation is needed, such as in high-humidity environments. Mesh face-shields generally do not provide impact, chemical, or UV protection.
  • Acetate – is often scratch and chemical resistant, but can also diminish visibility. Acetate face-shield products are generally not very resistant to impact.
  • PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) – offers excellent chemical resistance but is also known to reduce optical quality. Visibility can be limited after some use.  These face shield generally do not meet impact requirements.

Facial injuries can cause serious emotional and physical damage. The best way to prevent these types of accidents from occurring is to make the right decisions regarding eye and face protection for your employees. Let us help your company by identifying and providing the right products to meet your needs.

At QualSafe, we want to help you provide the safest job site possible to your employees while ensuring all workers remain OSHA compliant. With our quality safety products and equipment, we are confident that we have the best safety solution for you and your employees. If you are ready to start putting safety first and obtain the safest job site possible, now is the time to call QualSafe Solutions! We look forward to providing you with the products and services that meet your specific needs!