Fire Retardant Clothing

We are continually upgrading our safety equipment to ensure we have the latest safety technology available, just as we keep our training services up to date with the newest procedures and regulations.

We recognize that personal injury, property damage, environmental issues and the resulting loss of production are not acceptable costs of doing business. QualSafe offers highly qualified safety professionals, training, equipment and consulting services essential to preventing workplace losses. The safety equipment we sell is directly correlated to these commitments, even down to the fire retardant clothing (FR clothing) options we have available.

According to OSHA, electric arc poses some of the most serious safety hazards for electric power industry workers. Arc blast or flash hazards include high temperatures over short periods of time, hot gases, an intense pressure wave caused by an explosion, and shrapnel from vaporized and molten metal particles. Arc-related injuries can range from minor to severe burns, blindness, hearing and memory loss from the pressure wave, broken bones, or death. When a worker is exposed to an arc, the clothing they wear may play a large role in the severity of the potential injury.

The “269” standard (1910.269(l)(6)):

  • Requires that workers be trained in the potential hazards of electric arcs and the flames they can produce by igniting other materials in the area.
  • Prohibits workers from wearing clothing that, in the presence of an arc, can potentially increase the extent of injury; that is, if the clothing would ignite and continue to burn, or if it melts on the skin. Thus, workers are generally prohibited from wearing clothing materials made entirely of, or blended with, synthetic materials such as acetate, nylon, polyester, or rayon.

Fire retardant clothing is often required in a wide range of industries and owners’ facilities. FR clothing is required in oil refineries, some chemical plants, steel mills, pharmaceutical facilities, environments where combustible dust may exist, and any other work environment where an electric arc or chemical flash fire are possible.

Types and Grades of FR Fabric

The level of protection provided by fire-retardant fabrics and garments differ. A treated FR fabric may start with a body burn percentage rating of 35%, but that will likely increase as the FR properties of the treated garment begin to fail over time.  An inherently FR fabric will maintain the same body burn percentage for the life of the garment. A garment must have at least a 50 percent burn rating in order to be NFPA 2112 certified. The FR clothing selection process should include an investigation into the percent body burn ratings of each garment. A wide range of garments can pass the 50% body burn requirement, so it is important to understand how each piece can work to protect your time. This choice can be the difference in life and death.

Nomex is one of the most recognized FR fabrics, and has long been recognized as a favored solution in certain work environments. Since the introduction of Nomex into the marketplace, other FR clothing products have been produced in an effort to offer the same level of protection.

Let Our Team Help

QualSafe provides comprehensive plans to help protect electric power industry workers and employees that work in similar environments where electric arc, chemical flash fire, or combustible dusts hazards exist. Understanding the inherent risks of exposure to flash fires will help guide your decision on which flame resistant material is right for your team.

At QualSafe, we have an in-depth understanding of specific industry requirements and can help you select the right product for your work environment. We offer high quality versatile products that meet OSHA ratings and specifications, competitive pricing, and the ability to personalize and logo garments with your company’s branding. If we do not have the specific flame retardant clothing you are looking for, we offer rapid ordering and shipping services to guarantee we will have the product in time for your project. Call the QualSafe team today to learn more about our products! We cannot wait to keep you and your team safe.