Safety Gloves

At QualSafe Solutions, we understand that you use many different tools throughout your work day. We also realize that your hands are one of the most important tools you use on a daily basis.

A hand injury is one of the most common injury types in the workplace. These types of injuries have a higher rate of occurrence in industrial and construction jobs. We know that you want to prevent injuries from happening and are here to help. The best way to keep the hands of your employees protected is simple: provide them with the right gloves for the job.

Mechanical aggressors such as knives, metal parts and sharp objects are responsible for nearly 30% of the lost time caused by work injuries in North America. About 80% of these injuries involve the hands. Most of these hand injuries could have been prevented, or at least reduced in their severity, had the right gloves been worn.

The most common hazard that gloves protect from in many industries is cuts.  There are three basic types of cuts that commonly occur in industrial or construction environments.  And there are specific gloves recommended or required for protection against each.

  • Abrasive cuts – These injuries are very common in a number of industries. An example of this type of cut would be cuts from handling parts with sharp or jagged edges such as sheet-metal stampings or plastic parts.
  • Slicing cuts – The food-handling industry and other industries that require the use of sharp knives are regularly exposed to this hazard.
  • Impact cuts – The frequency of these injuries in the workplace is much less than abrasive or slicking cuts, but can happen with far greater force. This type of cut can happen as a result of being struck by a sharp object like glass or sheet metal.

A number of things must be considered when selecting the appropriate hand protection for a particular task.

  • Cut resistance rating
  • Heat resistance
  • Tactile sensitivity and comfort
  • Economic Impact

Our team at QualSafe Solutions is here to help you keep your workers’ hands protected from potential injuries while working on a job site. We specialize in finding our clients the right gloves to protect their employees in their particular job and industry. Not every job has the same safety needs or requirements for work gloves, which is why we take the time to get to know you and your business before making a product recommendation.

Looking for welding gloves? Or perhaps you are seeking high quality heat resistant gloves? Regardless of the specifications, QualSafe Solutions is focused on providing companies with the best hand protection available. We work with our customers to help them achieve the safest possible work environment for their employees.  Whether you are mid-way through a project or just about to begin, we have the right gloves to fit your specific needs.

Now is the time to call QualSafe!  We look forward to supplying you with all your safety equipment!