Safety Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to ensure that their employees are trained in the safety and health aspects of their jobs. These standards also require the employer to limit certain job assignments to only those employees who have obtained proper training and certification.  Safety training is the foundation of any successful safety program.


At QualSafe Solutions, we offer a wide variety of construction safety training classes to employers and their employees that will help ensure your company’s safety success on every project.

OSHA Compliance




Confined Space


Fall Protection




Bloodborne Pathogens


Fork Lift




Accurate, effective, and well-delivered safety training is foundational to building and maintaining an effective safety program. It also plays an important role in ensuring that projects remain compliant with OSHA and other applicable regulations.

Our expert trainers take a “hands-on” approach to workplace safety training.  We teach workers to recognize workplace hazards and to take appropriate actions to prevent accidents from occurring.  Our team’s extensive field knowledge in multiple workplace settings allows us to teach through experience in the classroom.  We have the experience and expertise necessary to customize a safety training class to cover the specific hazards associated with your workplace and jobsites. We can conduct safety training at our facility, your facility, or at a jobsite (provided that needed facilities are available).

Let us provide the education you need to ensure all workers are safe while on the job. Please contact us at for class scheduling, customized training, or pricing to get started on your next project the safe way!