Third Party Audit

QualSafe has now incorporated the use of table-based software that focuses on industry standards.  Our third-party safety audit services can help you and your organization by identifying unsafe behaviors and conditions in the workplace.

Our third-party audits can help provide your company with an unbiased and extensive insight into your safety-related processes and procedures.  We are also ready to work with you team to implement processes and procedures that are compliant with, owner, OSHA, EPA, and other pertinent regulatory agencies. By providing you with third-party audit services, we strive to leave you with a meaningful assessment of your systems and processes in the field.  We measure actual safety performance against a set of regulated criteria to ensure your company achieves compliance on each and every project.

Our Process

We specifically try to address the strengths and weaknesses of your current systems and processes at each job site, and determine whether or not your company is meeting its legal obligations within your industry.  If not already in place, we can help you implement a regular performance assessment system that will help ensure the long-term safety performance of your organization as a whole.

The regular and ongoing safety audits we provide can help your organization reduce the risk of personal injuries on your projects, prevent property and equipment damage, promote a positive safety culture within your workforce, and demonstrate to your customers that your organization takes employee safety and health seriously.

Avoid Issues in the Future

In today’s business climate, customers are holding their suppliers accountable for satisfactory performance on their projects.  For example, construction consumers now require a high level of attention to project safety, health activities and performance.  Daily safety audits and safety meetings combined with comprehensive company safety orientation has been shown to significantly increase team adherence OSHA and other regulatory agencies requirements.  Various other training and safety activities may also be required.  Also, construction consumer companies generally require excellent performance in terms of workers compensation insurance experience modification ratios (EMR’s) and accident and injury statistical performance.

When we perform safety audits, we will work with site-management and craft employees to identify safety deficiencies at the job site.  When an audit is completed, we can immediately forward the audit findings to individuals you specify. This allows your organization to quickly correct deficiencies identified in the audit.  And of course, we’ll always answer the phone to discuss any questions you may have. We have the ability to customize our third-party safety audits for your company, and your specific worksites.  We know that the safety of your team is crucial to the success of your business. Consider having us perform regular project safety audits to help you maintain the safest work environments possible for your employees. Call us today for more information.