Safety Glasses

At QualSafe Solutions, it is our goal to help companies remain safe while on the job. That is why we provide our customers access to an extensive amount of safety equipment.

Because we do offer a large variety of safety equipment, we are able to support our customers’ specific safety needs. Included in this safety equipment is a variety of protective eyewear. Our customer’s employees work in a wide range of environments that have specific needs and requirements for safety glasses and other protective eyewear.  We carry a full line of eye protection products and can help you select the right product for each individual task and work environment.

In order to best protect your workers’ eyes, we provide safety goggles, face-shields, and foam-lined safety googles and glasses (spoggles).  Eye protection is one of the most important pieces of personal protective equipment in industry today.  The potential for eye injuries is significant, and the proper eye protection product selection will provide a high level of eye protection when working in hazardous environments.

Eye Injuries Can be Life-Altering

In many cases, workplace eye injuries come from small particles or objects striking or abrading the eye. However, injuries also can occur when nails, staples or any other type of metal or hard material penetrates the eyeball.  An injury of this magnitude can easily result in a permanent loss of vision.  At QualSafe Solutions, we take eye protection very seriously and can assist you in determining the appropriate eye protection solutions for the hazards your employees face on projects.

Any industrial job site is a place full of potential hazards, especially for your eyes. Let us help you make the right eye protection choices to prevent employee eye injuries.  Whether you need safety sunglasses or other specialty protective eyewear, we have the right solution for you.  If you are looking for top quality products and services to ensure a safe worksite, now is the time to call QualSafe Solutions!  We look forward to supplying you with eye protection products for all of your upcoming projects!