Confined Space Rescue

You do not want to wait until your team is trapped in a hazardous situation to begin strategizing a rescue plan. That is why QualSafe Solutions’ standby rescue services includes confined space rescue, we are here to make sure your team is prepared!

Confined space rescues can be incredibly difficult due to the environment in which they occur. Confined spaces are usually narrow and constricting which can prevent easy access by rescue teams. It is our goal to assist you in planning for projects involving confined space entry.  We can help you identify potential hazards, develop rescue plans prior to the confined space entry, and make sure your team remains compliant with OSHA confined space rescue standards.

We want to ensure that your project is performed safely and will be there for you and your staff if a problem arises. That is why we include the following services in our confined space rescue solutions:

  • Confined Space Rescue Plan – QualSafe rescue teams are required to develop a rescue plan for each confined space entry project they provide rescue services for. This is a valuable part of our service because we are able to identify potential hazards involved with the space, assess the confined space configuration, and thus ensure that we have all the tools and equipment needed for any potential situation related to the particular space.
  • On-Site – Our top of the line rescue equipment including tripods, winch retrieval devices, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) systems and Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) systems remains on-site throughout the rescue project. This allows us to provide rapid response in the event of an actual emergency, when you need it most.
  • Team – All QualSafe confined space rescue employees are highly trained rescue experts. Our teams are prepared with fully loaded rescue vehicles and are prepared for multiple scenarios. Depending on various factors related to the particular confined space entry, we have the necessary equipment available to perform a successful rescue in any situation.   We have confined space rescue teams in St. Louis/Metro-East Illinois and surrounding areas as well as Denver, CO and the surrounding metro area.
  • Rate – We offer an all-inclusive hourly rate for typical confined space rescue projects. This gives your business the opportunity to budget more effectively without the surprise of an unexpected expense.

The QualSafe Confined Space Rescue Team is equipped with many years of experience and implements a high level of performance and quality into every rescue project. It is our goal to keep your employees safe on the job while ensuring OSHA compliance and an appropriate rescue plan. Contact QualSafe today and let us help with your confined space rescue safety plan and rescue service for your next project!