Accident Investigation

QualSafe Solutions provides expert leadership in accident investigation. We understand that accidents occur, and we want to ensure that you have the right procedures in place when they do.

We are able to do this by providing businesses with a specific approach to identifying and controlling the root causes of incidents.

The QualSafe team implements the following services into our accident investigation process:

  • Incident Investigation – Our staff has extensive training and expertise in accident investigation procedures, principles and disciplines. We work diligently to completely identify direct and indirect causes and to design a solution that will assist in the over-all safety of your employees.
  • Recommendations – Our team will provide training and consulting services to address the findings of a thorough accident investigation with management and employees.
  • Documentation – As an integral part of our Project Safety Management Services, we will develop and maintain OSHA and other required recordkeeping. We know it is necessary for employers with more than 10 employees to maintain a record of work-related injuries and illnesses. That is why we maintain all documents and information that could be used to help evaluate the safety your workplace, understand the potential hazards within your specific industry and implement worker protections to reduce those hazards.
  • Confidentiality – We understand that we’re here to represent our customer’s interests. In doing so, we adhere to strict confidentiality standards throughout the accident and incident investigation process.

Our staff is here to provide accident investigation services for any incident that may occur on your project. By thoroughly investigating the accident or incident and providing safety recommendations and the proper documentation, we can greatly reduce the probability of recurrence.  When you have the need, let us assist your team in conducting a thorough accident investigation that accurately identifies direct and indirect causes of the accident or incident, developing appropriate corrective action plans, and working with your team to prevent future occurrences. Contact us for thorough professional accident investigation services.