Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification is crucial for businesses in many different industries. Industries such as Medical, Law Enforcement, Construction, Education, Lifeguarding, Firefighting, Personal Training, Physical Therapy, etc. require CPR Training for their employees.

QualSafe provides recognized American Heart Association CPR classes that meet or exceed the requirements set forth by OSHA and other regulatory standards.  Our team of qualified CPR AED training experts will teach your team how to correctly perform CPR on infants, children, and adults as well as the proper way to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Why Our CPR Courses?

The CPR courses our team provides include both new certification courses as well as refresher courses. A CPR certification is granted upon completion of the training course and a passing score on the test that follows the training.  QualSafe CPR and First-Aid trainers utilize the classroom to get your team physically involved in learning the ins and outs of CPR and basic first-aid. Many of the key components to learning and understanding CPR cannot be taught online or through a lecture. Physically practicing and working with the functional demonstration manikins to recreate a real-life scenario helps strengthen the employees’ abilities and preparedness. Just like anything else, practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to saving a life.

Once an employee receives a CPR certification, it is valid for two years. During those two years, it is recommended that individuals refresh themselves and keep the process fresh in their minds. You never know when you may need to use CPR, so making sure you’re fully prepared to use it when the need arises is extremely important.

Simple Recertification

After the 2 year certification has expired, refresher courses are available for your team to become recertified without having to take the entire course over again.  CPR and First-aid refresher courses can also be used every few months to ensure your entire company is prepared in the case of an emergency where these skills may be required.

Contact the QualSafe team today to learn more about what is involved in a CPR Training course or to schedule your company’s next class.