Third Party Audit Services

In staying at the forefront of technology in safety, QualSafe has implemented the use of tablet based software with industry leading safety Apps to better serve our clients in the area of on-site auditing. Making use of this advanced technology, we are able to produce safety assessments and recommendations to our customers in REAL time.

The Tablets assist us in identifying hazards and reducing or eliminating the risk of injuries and illnesses. We can deliver instant feedback to our customers in order to immediately mitigate any hazards. We collect photos and descriptions of what is currently happening in the field and then identify “AT RISK” behaviors and hazardous site conditions and then send a comprehensive report to both site management and the corporate office….all before leaving the job site!

QualSafe is also experienced in creating customized safety audits based on a customer’s specifications. Both parties can then store this audit form along with many other safety documents such as vehicle inspection form or a Job Site Analysis (JSA) on the shared Safety Cloud to allow access to whomever they choose, anywhere in the world. These reports are very impressive with the color photos and attention to detail. Consider having QualSafe perform an on-site audit for you. View a sample
i-Auditor report here!

Tablet Based On-Site Auditing

Medical Evaluations and Fit Test Services

Respirator fit testing, both Qualitative and Quantitative are available at QualSafe. We can easily come to your job site or you can come here to our facility. First we provide you with a Medical Questionnaire to be completed by each employee you need fit tested. Once your employee has been medically cleared, QualSafe can perform the fit test. Our technicians will also include basic respirator training with each employee to cover proper use, cleaning and storage as required by OSHA, which will comply with your training requirement for basic respirator use. This will meet your training requirement for basic respirator use.

Qualitative Fit Testing

Quantitative fit testing uses a machine called the Portaccount to measure the actual amount of leakage into the facepiece and does not rely upon your sense of taste, smell, or breathing irritant in order to detect leakage. The respirators used during this type of fit testing will have a probe attached to the facepiece that will be connected to the machine by a hose. There are three quantitative fit test methods accepted by OSHA:

  • Isoamyl acetate, which smells like bananas; (also called banana oil test)
  • Saccharin, which leaves a sweet taste in your mouth;
  • Bitrex, which leaves a bitter taste in your mouth; and
  • Irritant smoke, which can cause severe coughing.

Qualitative fit testing is a “pass” or “fail” test method that utilizes your sense of taste or smell, or your reaction to an irritant in order to detect leakage into the respirator facepiece. Whether the respirator you are wearing passes or fails the test is based simply on you detecting the test substance into your facepiece. There are four qualitative fit test methods accepted by OSHA:

  • Generated aerosol;
  • Ambient aerosol; and
  • Controlled Negative Pressure

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